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Hasselblad H3D-39II, Medium Format Digital SLR Camera with 39mp Sensor & 3″ LCD Display.

  • Ultimate DSLR Advantage
  • Integrated 22, 31 and 39 Mpix capture units with 3″ display
  • Ultra-Focus: integral optimization of digital lens performance
  • Hasselblad Natural Color Solution
  • Integrated CCD cooling sink for lower noise

The H3D-II is the 4th generation of the Hasselblad H-system, is the ultimate high-end DSLR camera system, providing all the advantages of a truly integrated DSLR to the large sensor format, enabling all photographic parameters to be optimized & resulting in an unsurpassed level of image qualityThe H3D-II provides improved controls & functionality, better sensor cooling, a more intuitive user interface, & a bright, 3″ displayWhen combined with the Hasselblad’s image processing software the H3D-II will set a standard for digital photographic qualityThe H3D-II: In a League of its OwnAchieving superior image quality with modern digital photography means finding away to get the most from camera hardware, advanced optics, massive sensors, processing software, & the computing power of today’s computersThe H3D-II’s unprecedented interaction between the various system components combine with increased lens performance and an unprecedented level of image sharpness to outperform any professional digital camera system on the market today, delivering outstanding pixel resolution, better colors, & improved detail renderingThe large format light channel provided by the H3D-II & the H System lenses enables the use of the largest image sensors currently available 48×36 mm – more than 2x the size of even the largest 35mm camera sensors. These sensors hold more & larger pixels, ensuring ultra sharp images without gradation break-ups in even the finest

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