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Superiority of Digital Photography in Digital-camera

A number of enthusiasts are now moving to digital photography over the film counterpart. There are countless of reasons why. If you are a doing photography for business, moving to digital photography will be of great of advantage for your business. Because in this digital age, everything is done faster. Here we will name some advantage in using digital photography over film.

Instant Preview (live view) – Taking an image with a digital camera is now more convenient and easy. In a digital camera, you can instantly see a preview of your end image result by looking at the LCD. Compared to a film, you will need to wait for the roll of film to be developed before you can see the actual image that you have just taken, and it will be a waste if that picture is not taken as per your liking. The preview will give you the ability to judge your image if it is worth keeping or throwing it away. With instant preview, you can shot the same image, immediately see if the end result is as per your preference, then decide right then and there to keep the image or take another shot just to be able to give you options.

Printing – although many people will debate on this, I think its still easier to print a digital photograph compared to a film. The fastest time you can develop a film might be at least an hour. But it can not beat the printing of your digital image in minutes or seconds. And one advantage is that you can choose only the pictures you need to print. It will be even faster if you have your own photo printer. Just plug and play.

Editing – With film, the only editing you can do with it is the typical dodging and burning, exposure, and color. In digital photograph, it is countless. Because its digital and its basically can be stored in your PC and be edited by a number of editing software, it has never been easier. It might also be wonderful to use software that make your images be printed into shirts, mugs, personalized calendars, stationers and a lot more.

Sharing – with the technological advancement, it is easier for you to share those images to your friends and relatives. You can email, use photo sharing websites, and lots of networking sites through internet, or send it via your mobile phones. No matter where will your friends be, they can easily see what your doing and send them updates by taking recent snapshots of your life. Of course you can scan a developed film photograph, but that will take some time before you actually send those images. Its not as efficient as your digital image.

Compared to the film photography, there are a lot of people taking photography because of these advantages that they can get from digital cameras. Beginners of the hobby can be an instant pro, mainly because of the ease in using digital camera. We understand now that there is no turning back, digital camera is here to stay and it will greatly improve as we progress along the way.


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